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Default COACC Ordnance Rockets and Rocket Pods

Hello all,

I have checked the MT Consolidated Errata v2.21 (02/23/13) edited by Donald McKinney to see if there is an entry for the weight and cost of the 80 mm and 120 mm rockets listed on the COACC Ordnance Table page 69. There is a listing for the Guns sub-table on p. 69 but nothing for the rockets and rocket pods.

I have also checked out CT Striker Book 3 Design Sequence 9 and TNE FF&S Mk I Mod 0 (January 1994) Book III Munitions.

Using CT Striker Book 3 I was able to match the MT COACC of one 80 mm HE rocket Penetration of 14, weight is 1.4 kg at a cost of Cr3.5. Unfortunately I have not found how to determine the Damage or Danger (Space?) entries for rocket. CT Book 3 does have a way to determine the danger (space?).

Looking at the rocket pods table I have the feeling my weight for one HE rocket may be off.

Can anyone please provide me some resources so I can figure out the rockets weight and price?

Tom Rux
Tom Rux
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