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Default Rob's MMORPG Notes

This is a convenient place to put my notes and, hopefully, sponge off of the experience of others at the same time.

Marc knows how to organize the business and marketing end of things. But he's not technical. Luckily there are nerds here.

* Technical Project Manager.
* QE lead: a technical lead "without portfolio" [pending better pithy description].
* Technical leads: team players who love Traveller. Probably three.
* Test-driven design. Yes I'm going to be a hard-ass about this.
* UIs must have APIs, designed up front, used by unit tests and automated tests (e.g. it can test itself). Yes I'm going to be a hard-ass about this.
* Well-written (not necessarily long) requirements and design documents. Refers to rules to reduce reqs' lengths.
* Backend should have a RESTful API.
* Scalability based on a percentage of max(current SF online game players OR Traveller players).

* GIT repo.
* Database schema.
* Internationalized string properties.

* An administrative CLI will probably exist for troubleshooting and management.
* Fiverr for cheap Java programmer labor. This is why we need very good requirements and design docs. This is also why we need good technical leads.

* Consider microservices and containerization ("resume-driven development"). Yeah yeah I know.

* Java8 backend
* Using a clone of TravellerMap as the map engine.

* It is likely that a front end will be in the browser. This is a weak link, since browser UI frameworks typically measure their lifespans in months. I need experts weighing in on this.
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