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Anybody planning to respond to Captain's call for volunteers to go out in vaccsuit and clean the scoop filters?

All crew now have at least Vaccsuit-0 if you didn't already have it from your career, but if all you have is skill-0, this would be a good one to work on improving at least to skill-1, to improve your PC's survival chances in EVA situations.

I don't recall the exact rules for improving skills in CT, but this would definitely be a good one, bc I expect that dying out in space from a mishap is a lonely way to go.

EDIT: Do any of you have your own custom vaccsuits, or all using ship's issue?

EDIT 2: I still haven't written my vaccsuit stuff into the equipment page, but TLs are all lower than CT books say. If you had the cash for a tailored vaccsuit (the kind you can wear as your daily uniform), reduce required TL to 11. For skinsuits (worn under regular clothes for emergencies or short trips outside, but not really good work suits), reduce TL to 8.

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