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Originally Posted by DaveChase View Post
I say out of and not into because:
basically it is an empty hex (space),
sure jumping to a visible spot (star) should be easy, but if you do not have a solid starting point, how can you be sure that you are going to jump what you program into the nav system,
sure you can triangulate your location with known stars but the farther you are from them the harder it is to be accurate as time distance is in light years not kilometers,
The same way seafarers have used the stars to navigate by even though they are light years away? The distance of the stars shouldn't matter - relative to your position and time they are still going to be fixed points. At least fixed enough to make a dead reckoning to navigate by, especially given the variables in drop out position you'll have when your ship comes out of jump - it's not like a navigator will be realistically able to plot you onto a dime.
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