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IMTU jumping into an empty hex of space is pretty hazardous unless you have a Nav program that has been written to help you do that in a specific location, and those are just legends anyway along with the tales of lost pirate gold hidden in the spot you jump into.

Getting out of one is easy so long as you are targeting a gravity source, but a sequential jump into another empty space ups the difficulty even higher.

The first jump into an empty hex requires a successful navigation roll of 10+ or you randomly end up in one for the hexes around the one targeted. You are effectively managing a deliberate misjump to do this in the first place so you risk over-shooting the target by a hex, too. That could be fatal.

If you then try to jump into another empty hex from the first the roll is now 12+. This would be really, really rare but might be used to bridge wide stellar rifts and most ships would need drop tanks or pre-positioned fuel supplies. Failure on the roll has the same result as the first jump.

Beyond two empty-hex jumps....nobody has yet dare try.
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