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Originally Posted by rancke View Post
Jump? Not fly by STL?

I used to have this notion of the Vilani overcoming the problem of only having jump-1 by strapping maneuver drives to an asteroid, boosting into the void for several decades, then decellerating for an equal amount of time and winding up with a jump anchor only a couple of generations after the projects was undertaken -- something the First Imperium was perfectly likely to undertake, but which other star nations might be less inclined to attempt. Alas, the reference is to objects of planetary size, far beyond anyone's ability to move.
Thanks, Hans, somehow I missed this bit on first reading. Too quick to hit Reply.

I don't know of much canon on early Vilani tech advances w- will have to look at that I guess as I am planning Vilani colonization of Reavers' Deep and Daibei. Does gravitic tech always go hand in hand with Jump tech? I wonder when the Vilani got J-2?

I could see them sending an STL mission out to make that asteroid beacon you suggested, using some gravitic tech to make its mass appear more than it really is. Big problem w that STL mission is that if yiou make it go relatively fast to get there, you also have to carry fuel to make it STOP (w no grav help from any star system or planets) in the location where you want it in emplty space.
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