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Originally Posted by rancke View Post
Any low-jump ship can have the ability to do two jumps, even with standard fuel usage (10% per jump number) and without drop tanks. Demountable and collapsible tanks allow a ship to carry fuel for more jumps along. I think it's possible to design a jump-1 ship that can do 7 jumps between refuelling.
And that is perfectly OK w me, as it requires special planning and effort, or specially designed ships, to cross those significant gaps. It isn't just a routine thing.

*snip GT: Interstellar Wars quotes*

Thanks, I forgot about that. I think I prefer that jumping to/from "empty" hexes be very difficult, not impossible - elsewise how did the Vilani w J-1 ever get far from Vland? Do we have any canon on when the Vilani got J-2?

And as Dave Chase noted above, your chances of making successful jumps into such "empty" hexes can be dramatically improved by factors such as a gravitic beacon or detailed notes about the route - sorry, Dave, my head is not good for analyzing numbers right now, will look at your suggestions again later.

Originally Posted by rancke View Post
[*] Astrogators! They guide starships between the stars, not surface ships across ponds! <mumble, mumble, grumble>
Yeah, I prefer Astrogator myself and use it in my own chargen stuff, b ut Navigator still seems the official term.

Originally Posted by rancke View Post
The astrogational invention that allowed deep space jumps was invented some time during the period covered by the Dark Nebula game, somewhere around 200 (I think -- I don't have the game myself).
As I sadi above, I think it must have been possible before this, but perhaps very hazardous. Maybe someone on one of th emore advanced worlds in Daibei sector (TL 11, maybe even 12, during Long Night) figured this out earlier in my campaign, to make it a little less hazardous. After all, there were still many tech adbances during the so-called Dark Ages in Europe in our own history.
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