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Final Seed

This one was supposed to take place on Bellerophon, but I got it mixed up with the "wedding in the pyramid complex / cult" seed.

You are in a Susano-oh class undersea miner. Think of the massive tracked carrier that ferries rockets at Cape Kennedy / Cape Canaveral to launch areas, only it travels an undersea network of roads. You are there to investigate a series of sabotage incidents that have caused loss of life and property. Chief suspects are rival companies vying for mining rights on the ocean floor, and various unions, or even rival unions, notably Belters Local 16 who see undersea mining as cutting into their profit margin.

The other day the captain skirted a portion of the road network over looking an abyss. The week before that you were attacked by a "kraken" that resembled a prehistoric mosasaur with multiple appendages, and perhaps nearly equal to the size of the miner. A few electric shocks and it scurried away, but damage was significant though reparable.

Just as you and your team of undercover agents sit down for the evening meal in the miner's mess as deep watery ocean steel black presses all around your vehicle, the gentle rumble of the miner's treads is interrupted by a bump, then another bump, then a series of bumps.

Water from a razor thin crack violently sprays into the galley. Before you know it, the water is already as deep as the souls of your shoes...


p.s. I actually have this one scripted our and ready to print, but again, it's not going anywhere, so here's the seed for it. I think that's the last one I have. Sorry for the necromancing.

p.p.s Here's a link to the image of said Kraken;
Note, I actually made contact with the author, and he agreed to let me use the image in an email exchange, but I've lost interest. Anyway, enjoy adventuring and enjoy taking on this critter (for whoever wants to stat it out).
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