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Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
looking forward to them.
Well, I'm pretty much done with posting more. But, I'll share this concept. One of my favoi9te scifi fantasy artists is Michael Whelan, and he has a lot of credits to his name. Too many to mention, but the image found on this link entitled "Armenia" sparked a concept. It's more conventional scifi than Traveller, and is along of what I was going to call my "city series" set of adventures, but it could easily be a setting for a proto-Traveller or original-flavored Traveller adventure.

Here's the image link;

The concept dealt with visiting the fallen city in the background during its hay-day, much like one of the previous concepts. But the story didn't deal with the cities fate, but rather a more prosaic mystery that dogged some of the locals. The hero's job (or the players if I had published it in adventure format), would have been to solve the mystery, and then return to their own "reality" / "time" / whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

I first came across the image in the mid or early 90s, and bought Whelan's book of art at that time. The thing that interests me is that this is, to me at least, obviously a grav city that had come to ruin somehow. How that happened could be explained any number of ways, and didn't interest me. What I found interesting, and what I might have written about was the culture that a main character, or the players, would have encountered once there.

I hope that helps. I really only come here to see my readership. So I hope this bonus post has been helpful.
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