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Originally Posted by jawillroy View Post
...Suppose you've got one little TL15 world with a population of 300 or so, and within 10 parsecs there's one TL 11 industrial world and a mess of other systems between TL 5 and 9.

Do you just handwave it all, and say yep, that's a TL 15 world?
Is it a TL 11 world with a few TL 15 gadgets? ...
Even with bots and fabricators, there's not enough there to make all the parts and dig up all the resources they need to keep everything running. So it's a TL15 world until whatever critical import they've been importing to keep the bots and fabricators running stops coming in. Then, whatever they were having the bots do to produce exports to buy the parts starts getting harder to do, the fabricators start breaking down, and things get ... interesting.

Depending on other stats, it could be a TL15 world that's likely to get very hungry, or at least very tired of Soylent, if it doesn't have an environment that already has edibles available to fall back on. Even then, it might be a real struggle for a community that small to figure out how to gather those resources without the help they were used to before things go completely downhill, but it might come slow enough for them to figure that out.

Be a hell of a thing to have everything go bad because you hadn't bothered to scout out deposits of gold to replace the little bit you were importing for your electronics or some similar thing, especially since the experts in that sort of thing aren't likely to be living in your little colony.
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