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Originally posted by Strephon Alkhalikoi:
What do you like about the 1st edition core books compared to the revised edition? I just got mine, and the only major differences I've noted so far in going through them is that some of the skill tables were re-ordered, Vehicle skill was added, modifiers to damage were removed from weapons, and of course very few if any diagrams and the like.
The big changes are in Book 2. With 1st ed your power plant only has to match your manuever drive in second ed it has to equal or exceed manuever or jump whichever is higher. I find that messes with the symetry of the drive sizes and how they relate to the standard hulls.

I go back and forth on a ship using it's full jump fuel requirement regardless of whether it makes it's maximum jump or not. On the one hand allowing the fractional use of fuel for fractional jumps makes more intuitive sense but on the other hand I tend to prefer to accentuate the ineficiency of high jump ships in low jump situations.

Both of those changes make Book 2 compatible with HG. I tend to prefer making High Guard compatible with book 2 (so I've switched the drive percentages table for jump and manuever IMTU as well)
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