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Originally posted by DaveShayne:
Well I'm an old grognard and I still haven't seen HG1. I'd love to peruse it just to see what some of the differences are. There are many areas in which I prefer the 1st edition of the core books to the 2nd edition that appears in the reprints volume. And of course many instances where I prefer my house rules.
What do you like about the 1st edition core books compared to the revised edition? I just got mine, and the only major differences I've noted so far in going through them is that some of the skill tables were re-ordered, Vehicle skill was added, modifiers to damage were removed from weapons, and of course very few if any diagrams and the like.

I just did up my house rules and it totalled out at about thirty statement size pages, not including the essays on Warp Drive and the reprint of Roger Moore's "Preventing Complacency in Traveller Gaming".
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