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Originally posted by Sigg Oddra:
Does anyone still use rules from High Guard 1st ed?

The reason I ask is that I recently obtained a copy off ebay and...

what happened to 10t bays, fusion drives as weapons, high intensity missile fire, missile magazines, low power plant fuel consumption and a much better damage table(IMHO)?

Ok, a lot of HG2 is better but I can't help feeling that some of what was dropped could have been included and would have given us a richer game as a result.

Does anyone combine the two?

I'm sorry if I am resurrecting a very old topic for discussion but us newcomers (22 years off and on) may never have seen HG1 before.
Well I'm an old grognard and I still haven't seen HG1. I'd love to peruse it just to see what some of the differences are. There are many areas in which I prefer the 1st edition of the core books to the 2nd edition that appears in the reprints volume. And of course many instances where I prefer my house rules.
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