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The big reveal of the Empress Wave, story wise, was done in the Out of Darkness book. The originators (more humans) of the Wave called themselves the Yaskoydri after, you guessed it, Yaskodray, were sent to the Core to observe stellar phenomenon some 300,000 years ago. It is also implied that the device which prompted the Core Expeditions was a communication device used to communicate with them in real time, though the Zhodani cannot use it properly.

I highly recommend you get the book. I encourage you to get it for the story if nothing else. There are other big reveals as well. My favorite part is the K'Kree becoming the most powerful force in Charted Space. That book is the reason I call them My Little Ponies of Death. Should not say more. Spoilers...

Oh, and Avery Aella Alkhalikoi, Emperor-Elect of the 4th Imperium...
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