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As to sizes and such...
Originally Posted by aramis View Post
As for the empress wave and the others... Are we certain it's spherical? (I've not read 1248.) If it's not, that's 50KPC from the strongest canonical known point (the ~4000Pc from the rest of the known space coreward end of the Zhodani Core Expeditions)... roughly 15K to 20K Pc from the center (and

While the other big places are ≥30,000 Pc away from there.
Perhaps not spherical, but certainly round. The info more or less corresponds to the Zhodani exodus mentioned in TNE and the Mongoose Zhodani Alien Module.

Today, in 1248, the Empress Wavefront is over 130 lightyears (more than 40 parsecs) closer. It passed into what had been Imperial space in 1205, along a line roughly equivalent to the Coreward boundaries of the Spinward Marches, Deneb, Corridor, Vland, Lishun and Antares sectors. At this vast distance from the Core, the curve of the Wavefront is fairly small, so Imperial cartographers tend to assume a straight wavefront. This is not strictly accurate, but the waveform is not uniform anyway. There are localized ‘fore-ripples’ and areas of weaker and stronger radiation caused by superposition of harmonics in the wave. A rough line is the best that can be plotted on such a huge scale.
In 1248, the Wavefront is 13 parsecs into what had been the territory of the Third Imperium. It is 5 parsecs Coreward of Vland in the sector of that name, and 4 from Rhylanor in the Spinward Marches. It has passed through the Regina system. It will reach Deneb in less than 15 years. The Empress Wavefront is 48 years from Capital and 53 from Usdiki. - 1248 Sourcebook 1: Out of the Darkness A Sourcebook for Traveller p.121
Related is the the Seventh Core Expedition:
Less than 400 parsecs down the route, the expedition received reports of turmoil on settled worlds coreward along the expedition’s path. When lead elements arrived in the Prinjobliedl sector in 753, they were forced to assist various worlds suffering from a variety of perplexing problems. Recognising that this required major mental health resources, the expedition commander dispatched a fast squadron back to the Consulate for assistance. The problem escalated in 760, when expedition ships refuelling in a system suddenly experienced similar issues on board their vessels...
...What was also odd was the returning data from the Seventh Core Expedition as it proceeded coreward, reporting that the problems disappeared about 2,000 parsecs coreward along the route.
Much worse was the data indicating that whatever this phenomenon was, it was travelling backwards along the route towards Zhdant at the rate of approximately one parsec a year. Thus it could be estimated that sometime in 1183, this phenomenon would strike Zhdant, ripping apart the very heart of the Consulate. This ‘effect’ was named the Fienzhatshtiavl (literally, ‘Yonder chilling thought’).
To prevent panic, the Qlomdlabr chose to suppress this information and use the resources remaining for the expeditions to evacuate Nobles in the path. Qlomdlabr-approved researchers worked to find a way to identify and detect the phenomenon, to ensure the safety of rescue efforts and to support continued study of the effect. As of 1105, the Fienzhatshtiavl extends halfway across Viajlefliez, Bleblqansh, Driasera, Dalchie Jdatl, Chit
Botshti, Anzsidiadl and Zheranzanj sectors, continuing its rimward march unabated. - Mongoose Alien Module 4: Zhodani p.70
The Wave is a coming....
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