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Arrow More Play Style Guides.

Just so as people know, I actually have been and will continue using a sort of style guide for how I format posts in this game.

So, here is how I post and will use my mighty Junior Mod Powers to edit all posts eventually (I figure I may miss some in the first round, plus the priority isn't that high). So, I present the following guide for Post Title Icons (using the Post Icons box, in columns):
  1. No Icon: Not used.
  2. Paper: A document such as a Mercenary Ticket, a Cargo Manifest, a Contract, a newspaper, some form of media.
  3. ImpStarburst: A PC or NPC speaking or interacting, used for speaking or actions or even thoughts and senses. It is the active role-playing Icon. Also used for Setting materials posts.
  4. QuestionMark: Used for asking questions, or wonderings, such as asking a NPC a specific question, or to request more detail from either a Player or the Referee on a specific detail.
  5. Cool: Those dark suit wearing, comdot sporting, black shaded, Men from the Ministry. MiB types, Commandos, black project type interactions.
  6. GreenArrow: Mechanics or House Rules notes.
  7. ExclaimationTriangle: Danger or Classified documents. This indicates the post contains some element of danger the character might want to be aware of before acting.
  8. Lightbulb: An Idea! Or other item of notice.
  9. Down/UpThumbs: Expressing a negative or postitve vote regarding a post or idea previously presented.
  10. The Emoticons: For expressing that emotion, if you want to stress its use in a post.
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