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Small Starburst SETTING: 10,000 Year Contracts.

There is a class of contract in the Imperium which is held as Treaty and Trade Law within the Imperiums throughout their history and before. These are the 10,000 Year Contracts.

The 10,000 Year Contracts are enshrined in Imperial High Law and as such must be correctly, honorably, justly and truthfully administered by nobles of the rank of Count or above only. As it is not Low Law which all nobles of the rank of Viscount and below may exercise without seeking permission from a high noble, a noble of such rank must seek and obtain permission to act on the Terms of a 10,000 Year Contract.

It is their time and place in history that accounts for the very reason for such contracts existence and continuance to this day. Some circles of academia credit the Imperial Peerage with keeping things together as long as they managed during the Interregnum due to desperate attempts to keep these contracts going. They got their name because the terms agreed to when they were first written which specified in very, very clear and unambiguous terms that their "length shall be for the duration of ten thousand standard years (10,000 years) (Standard years are stipulated to consist of three hundred and sixty-five days equal to one rotational period of twenty-four hours of the Homeworld of All Humanity, Terra of the Sol system) and must be maintained as long as civilized humanity strides the stars in ships or other means and engages in regular travel and trade between the worlds of the universe in the face of all odds. It shall survive and held valid in all human courts forever more when ever and where ever humans shall meet for such length (10,000 years) or the complete and utter extinction of humanity from the universe (May it survive in another.)."

They had such long terms due to the slow speed of the ships of those days that gave them a deep time point of view where contract law was concerned and the bulk of the surviving contracts (such as the one that ties the Crown and Bibickia) would live long past generations the lives of the original signing parties. Many great and old Houses maintain their lofty place in the Imperiums on the foundations of rather cunningly worded examples of these contracts (some of which pre-date the Terran Federation, much less the full run of other human interstellar polities that have come and gone since those primitive ages). The value of such contract range from GCr 1 for notarized, psi-bonded, legal-rated copies. The actual originals range to base rated in RU to literally priceless and fortunes, fames, and Houses have risen and fallen on such document or clever forgeries.
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