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Small Starburst SETTING: History of the Riftborne Domains (Permatic).

[FS 1725] Permatic was originally simply OUTPOST: PERMATIC of the Imperial Scouts Service of the Fifth Imperium [5ISS]. (wrote "late", but I am thinking more mid-5th Imperium)

A Scout Vault or Skip vessel (BCS) was sent to catalog the new Riftborne Domains (wrote this before the Domains were on the charts so it was Far Stars Domains. Also "Leap" was what I wrote, but man that is a fanarking big rift which is nice and isolating which was the point, but I think a bit above even the height of the 5I max TL. If mid-Imperium it is Skip ships, late 5I it is Vault ships.)

The Far Stars are in a collection of star clusters in a rift spin-rimward of the Capital of the Fifth Imperium (which is not Terra).

User must rotate image 90 degrees right for correct Coreward projection.

Now, the updated info that did not go in at that time are that they were aiming for the largest cluster (blue). The clusters are as usual designated originally on the charts as Alpha (or maybe Prime or some variant) with Beta being the next largest and Delta the smallest cluster. The Scouts were actually aiming for the center of Alpha cluster but landed at Permatic. Once they had done the basic first in stuff, they started the long term mission of setting up Outpost* Permatic which became the center of further exploration of what were then merely known as the Riftborne Clusters-3 on the charts. Once they had set up the Outpost they aimed three sub-missions, one at each cluster. These sub-missions which went out, set another Outpost and explored on duty that sometimes lasted months (always two weeks minimum), but these sub-missions were anchored to Outpost Permatic as that was sent back as the Beacon for later Imperial missions. Their Skip ship left after the first Outpost was set up and continued its mission to span the rift between the arms of the galaxy and then explore the next arm rimward.

Eventually, colonist, the companies and the wars that come to the "unspoiled frontier" grew the Imperial presence to merit the name the Riftborne Region on the charts. The clusters named by this point [ Names would go here if you want a shot at them ] began to pull the center away from then the Waystation Permatic on the charts, with a note about the presence of a new IN base. The clusters had greater density of stars and population but the new Far Stars sector was still on paper the heavy weight power with the Court at Capital and had the 2nd Duke of the Far Stars representing the old world in the Moot. Eventually the Region was elevated to an Imperial Domain and given name the Riftborne Domains. The great Vault Fleets from Capital and the new routes that connected an empire that spanned the arm brought waves new people, technologies, rumors, trade and adventures to the new Domains. It was these great Vault ships that fought the Great Enemy first and it was their loss early in the Great War that helped cripple and eventually destroy the Great and Honorable Fifth Imperium of Man, Kin and the Stars.

The Far Stars once again became the center of Imperial power and attention as the first Vault Courier brought the news of some grand weapon triggered and an entire Armada fighting and losing to an unknown enemy wielding what appear to annihilation weapons. These rumors confirmed when the war moved to the Domain and the Far Stars and it is where the Emperor came to sue for Peace and the Great Enemy's Sufferance. This Imperial submission shattered the greatest and best of the Old Empires of history, the Fifth Imperium. What followed are mere shadows of what once was the finest of all the human interstellar polities. The Riftborne Domains may have suffered war, fall of several empires and the Interregnum, but it is returning to life and there still scattered about strange and dangerous Relics of this lost war and many pay well for them. They can not have one without strict rules being in place, investigations done, preparations made and security permissions secured. Not doing so can be extremely lethal under Imperial High Law because Treaty made require it and because doing so once set the war in motion that left the Relics there in the first place.

Oh and did we mention the part where these things are really damned dangerous and probably horrifically lethal in ways not imaged. Some say the old logs of shattered and distorted Old Imperial warships mention triple meson turrets for point defense on 1000 ton ships that ripped capital ships apart with stasis weapons and dealt with fighters and destroyers with annihilation beams and missiles taking cruisers. Another point is most of what people encounter when it comes to man-portable Enemy Relics is that these are often what they (the Great Enemy) considered proper kit for a trooper.
"If an Enemy Relic is man portable then it was designed to used against man and his vehicles. Report all Enemy Relics to the nearest Imperial official and do not interact with it, leave and prevent others from interacting with it."
Imperial Standards (Relics, Enemy). 13th Edition.
ISSC Press.
*An Outpost is not quiet a full Base yet, but has the goal putting in place the basic infrastructure to what will end up being the first Waystation in an uncharted, unexplored area. The Outpost is a long stay, possibly decades long stay, but not a Colony as they are not staying there, they are merely basing from there first. It is the seed of the network that becomes the branches of the X-Boat Routes most times. The vessels carrying Mission Riftborne Spinrim were Battle Class Ships (BCS) containing many smaller Type-S+ starships used to explore the local area.
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