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Default On Fonts


Font1. Arial (A useful and all around font, in "Blue" it is the Referee Voice. [The Ref politely ceding "Green" to the House of Martel from this point forward (127-2013).])

Font2. Arial Black (For Government Use mostly. "Synthetic Voices" are shown in "SeaGreen".)

Font3. Arial Narrow (Sometimes used for Notations.)

Font4. Comic Sans MS (Dear Gentlebeing, for handwriting there is no other and I can not lie.)
Note: Regarding italicized Comic Sans MS in the following combos represent the Voices of House of Thornwood (DarkGreen) and House of Daarnulud (DarkRed)
[The Ref would prefer if you didn't use these colors, but it is permissible.].

Italicized Comic Sans MS in the following combos represent the Voices of The Imperium (DarkOrchid) and His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Vlad II (Blue) are off limits, Ref Only with this Font.

All others are fair game. Though it might be noted that the Great House of Martel has claimed "Green".

Font5. Courier New (Usually for citations.)

Font6. Franklin Gothic Medium (Chinese) [Language] uses this font with "Sieanna" color.)

Font7. Georgia (Bilanidin [Language] uses this font with "DarkOliveGreen" color.)

Font8. Impact (Voodgi Sign [Language] is this font plus the color "DimGray".)

Font9. Microsoft Sans Serif (Battle (Imperial) [Language] is formatted in the color "DarkSlateBlue" for Marines, "Navy" for Spacers, or "Olive" for Army.)

FontA. Tahoma (Used with the color "SandyBrown" represents Spanish [Language].)

FontB. Times New Roman (Educational Texts & Newspapers still use this venerable font.)

FontC. Trebuchet (When coupled with "SlateGray" it becomes Old High Terran [Language]. A language that we in the 21st Century would call Future Terran Anglic and known in the late Terran Federation period through the mid to late 2nd Imperium as simply Anglic.)


This is a matrix of the colors available in current use or waiting for future assignment.
Except when I use Advanced Edit where I can't see the little square of color boxes for some reason hence this matrix. Any chance someone in CIC could look into that and PM if they need specifics of machine and software used, but I am not waving that around to much in public. This took a lot of cut and paste to do.
It lists the color (in the color cited) and in parenthesis the Language, Skill, Sense or Voice associated with that color in the Game. The challenge is to eventually see if it gets filled, which ought to be fun for the resident linguists (both playing and helping).

Row1. Color11.
Black (Anglic). Sienna(Chinese). DarkOliveGreen (Bilanidin). DarkGreen (House Thornwood). DarkSlateBlue (Battle-Marine). Navy (Battle-Navy). Indigo (Color18). DarkSlateGrey (Voodgi Sign).

Row2. Color 21.
DarkRed (House Daarnulud). DarkOrange (Color23). Olive (Battle-Army). Green (House Martel). Teal (Color26). Blue (Permatic). SlateGray (Old High Terran). DimGray (Color29)

Row3. Color31.
Red (Referee). SandyBrown (Spanish). YellowGreen (Color34). SeaGreen (Synthetic). MediumTurquoise (Color36). RoyalBlue (Color37). Purple (Color38). Gray (Color39).

Row4. Color41.
Magenta (Color42). Orange (Color43). Yellow (Color44). PaleGreen (Color45). Lime (Color46). DeepSkyBlue (Awareness). DarkOrchid (The Imperium). Silver (Perception).

Row5. Color51.
Pink (Color52). Wheat (Color53). LemonChiffon (Color54). PaleGreen (Color55). PaleTurquoise (Color56). LightBlue (Color57). Plum (Color58). [White]) (Shielded Telepathy*).

This Gentlebeings is the Official Formatting Matrix for the 1st Permatic Imperium Play by Post Game.

*Shielded Telepathy is a form of telepathic communication that could best compared to encoded laser transmissions.
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