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Arrow On In Character Posting Format

In-Character Post Format Style.

Ref thinks to self how about some format guidelines.

Like Character Thoughts are Italicized. Say a PC is bored and is thinking about food, it might look some thing like this:

John Q. Publiic Example Citizen.
I sure could about kill some one for a good ham samich! he thought as he responded to the lady's question, "No, really it is a very nice dead animal you are wearing." He turned and tried to snag one of those little puffed thingies from a passing tray, any thing to eat.

Characters Speak in "Quotes, quotes, I say!"

Oh and of course the Character's Name, Career and/or Position with the adventure when those are assigned and such. It would be easier for all involved if they announced them selves when "Speaking", Thinking, Acting (or *Acting*) as preceding example of Character Examples.

Actually as long as Name and Function are there, you can play a bit with style, why not I do, but be sure to mark "Speaking", Thinking or Acting in a distinctive fashion for each.

FORMATTING NOTE 01: You do not have to underline (or *asterisk*) regular actions, but do use it for Referee Attention Actions. Might make this easier for all of us later.
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