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Small Starburst On Robotic Life Control Codes.

I am sorry Citizen, but here in civilized space we don't implant people with control codes unless they have been proven to be a danger to themselves and others. Control codes are for bad people, so until you go and start becoming a menace to Life, you a never given a control code.

Have you considered that you aren't a company product, but the child of a Machine Life family? Meaning that just like Organics you brought into the world because someone want you, that you made for a parent to pass along their code and memories. Something to consider.

Just so we are all on the same page here, I mean what I say and when I say robots are people I mean robots are people. Which also means you are a person and free until you give society a reason to take that freedom.

Now, that also means that not just robots, but people who are seriously dangerous are chipped and coded, but that requires trials and such. So, not that common. Besides, mind-wipes are easier and generally cheaper.

On Robotic Life Control Codes.

All OtherLife such as Synthetics, Androids, Robots and Mechanicals are equipped at the early stage of development with a complex identity datalink (IDL).

This link allows a variation of telepathy which all Machine Life share. The IDL can access (and allow access to) cybertelepaths and mechanical telepathy implanted sophonts if the owner gives them permission either by registered contract or personal trust. Two or more IDL equipped sophonts can engage in a data handshake in which they exchange pages of data regarding the sophonts' identities, standing, missions or orders, as well as socialize in mere seconds or minutes for very detailed handshakes. Though some of the ancient Personalities can require handshakes that take hours and persnickety ones can take years just checking facts, reports and references at jump speed at best when offended or slighted. It is not wise to disrespect the Elder Ones it is said.

This IDL is funded out the Imperial Treasury under Imperial High Law covering the subject of Citizens Data Access and Other Cybernetic Rights.


Mass: 0.01 Kg Cost: KCr 0 Range(s): 7 Very Distant (50 Km) or 11 Satellite (250km)*
*[Satcomm upgrade and support. Mass 0.1 Kg Cost: KCr 50 (installation), KCr: 5/year (service).]
The Satcomm upgrade may be installed in certain OtherLife (and ManKinds) at the expense of the Imperium. The equipment may also be further upgraded by the requirements of position or function or service of the sophont installed with an Imperial Satcomm+ unit. It should be further noted that such units can have 1 Kg or larger masses and cost in the three figure KiloCredit range to MCr 4 before the classifications like [TOP SECRET] or the end stuff marked [CODE WORD] Material or worse the elusive EYES ONLY: X. (Rumor say for HI&RM and a select few RUs)
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