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Small Starburst [FS 1726] Pecias (332-0199 PI) Martel Estate Foyer.

Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
"My formal uniforms for court attendance, I should think. Duty uniforms for any visits to Blackwell or any of the military bases...hmmm. Perhaps a selection of my suits with appropriate shirts, shoes, and such."

After couple moments consideration "Barnsley, I think it's time we find me my own gentleman's gentleman, don't you? After all, you will be swamped caring for Mummah, Puppah, mummahs corgis, myself, my escort, my younger siblings, all the baggage and such. Also, it is time I set up my own household even if it is just in one of the family townhouses. We can't have you splitting time between managing the main house here and my dwelling, can we?"

after a pause

"Perhaps you know someone appropriate?"
Barnsley grins, "Ah, the excitement of a new Noble.

Really, Lord Valdemar, you still have the impatience of youth. It isn't magic getting you what you want, sir. The requirements have made me use sources that are not my standard for such matters. However, I didn't get to run this Estate for your dear family by not being able to handle such things. I had a rather nice chat about that very subject with Lord Stephen while you were composing your reply. He put me on to some leads which I am pursuing as we speak.

Still, bear in mind one should not rush when setting up their first Holding, ask your Mother and Father about the mistakes they made when their Titles were new. Your parents tried to run this Holding as military establishment when they first got here. Your Father kept complaining about 'those damned Republics' for the first couple of years.

You are a member of Great and Ancient House, do it right and do the family proud. And trust an old man to know how to handle it."

He smiles, bows and then heads up to begin your packing and checking the feeds for travel arrangements.
And we dissolve to Slip 42 at the Pecias Downs starport, a concrete slab some 420 meters from the Beacon. There we see Lord Vilecashar's limo which executes a rather slick drifting 180 so it backs up as it boards a sleek airframe yacht of what appears to the HMS Herald class.

The Garage closes and the vessel begins to lift off it gear and they retract as the HMS Herald of Permatic 4 rotates toward the north. It rises in to the air and shoots into orbit. It leaves orbit on an Expedited Exit and races out to the Jump Limit and then the grid glows in that lovely and radiant blue, a Flash and its gone.
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