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Small Starburst [FS 1726] Pecias (332-0199 PI) Martel Estate.

Lord Vilecashar makes the appropriate small talk as you usher him to the Formal Parlor and takes a seat near a window. Again he seems to survey the surroundings as he does so.

When you page Barnsley he will request the Lord's preference, acknowledge the order and give his usual prompt service.

"A Rhylanor Sunrise, if you please." Lord Vilecashar states in response to Ser Barnsley's request.

"Quiet a nice place the Martel Estate, it shall be a pleasure to await your reply in such surroundings."


When you return to the Parlor you find that Lord Vilecashar is holding a mostly finished drink and gazing out the window. He puts the drink down, gets up and meets you as you enter the room.

"I have Received your Reply to His Majesty and will covey it to Him as it was given to me." he speaks in the formal tone as he receives your Reply with another click and bow. He then pockets the Reply in his right pocket and drops back into casual mode.

"Indeed, I would like to hear a few tales over drinks, though in my job I dare say the tales are a tad boring compared to your experiences. We Couriers hardly ever have to deal with people shooting at us. Of course, when they do, well that is when we call people like you to deal with the problem.

I can see to the arrangements when I get done with all this running around and return to Melnauka. I know a couple of places with good food as well as drinks, local places not on the maps as it were. I'm sure you know the type being a fellow Traveller."

With that he returns to formal mode and leaves the Martel Estate as Ser Barnsley opens the door for him.

"Well, sir, I dare say I best get packing your kit. Do you have any preference for attire while we will be on Capital?" Barnsley asks as he returns from seeing Lord Vilecashar out.
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