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Return the formal heal click and bow.

"Thank you. It will only be a few moments. If you would like to take a seat. As to my personal deeds, it was my pleasure to serve the Emperor. Although a couple of those events were a tad too close for comfort." Usher him into the formal parlor. Mother is a stickler for protocol.

Call Barnsley on the house intercomm: "Barnsley, I must compose a reply to his RH&IM. Please bring Lord Vilecashar some refreshment."

Go to my study, and on House Martel Stationary compose my reply. "It is my Honor and Privilege to attend the ceremony and serve your August Presence. I shall arrive a few days in advance to coordinate my portion of the service. Including Baron and Baroness Martel, there will be ten in our party."

Seal it with House Martel green wax and my personal chop.

Returning to the parlor, hand the sealed reply to Lord Vilecashar. "Perhaps we can have a drink or two before the ceremony. I will be glad to regale you with a few stories if you would do the same?"
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