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Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
BUMP to get Magnus's attention...
"You are welcome, sir." Barnsley says as he bows and vacates the Foyer to rear of the Estate House while you proceed to greet your guest.

As you are coming forward the Imperial Courier gives the traditional boot heel click and quick bow, he then speaks.

"Lord Valdemar Martel of the Ancient and Honorable House of Martel in the Name, Voice, and Hand of His Imperial and Royal Majesty, The Emperor of the Permatic Imperium, Vladimir the Second of His Name, I am Commanded to see this Invitation is hand delivered to you and bring to His Majesty your reply."

After he states the Formalities he takes your hand in firm grip, shakes and smiles.

"Good to meet you Force Commander. Lord Stephen Vilecashar, Imperial Courier. Not as glamourous as your job, but it needs to get done. I have heard about your deeds, it is nice to meet you in person. I shall be all the rage when I get back to Court, there hasn't been a Martel in the Throne Room since your esteemed mother was elevated to Baroness Pecias.

Well, back to business."

He straightens back up into the formal style you are both so used from Imperial Service and hands you a bright white parchment envelope with the Imperial purple edging. The envelope is sealed with a Royal blue, bio-reactive wax with the Seal of the Imperium impressed in it and an Imperial purple ribbon underneath, such seals are familiar to you as the Joint Forces use such authentication methods for classified materials. The last time you saw one of these was when you got the big gong which serves you well as you know to press your left thumb upon the Seal to open. Might be time to check he handed you the correct Invitation or has the counter-agent handy since you have seen the results when an unauthorized person tries and fails to break a Seal.

"To answer your question, you can compose a reply to His Majesty's Invitation and give it to me to convey."

Having handed you the envelope Lord Vilecashar assumes a pose of relaxed waiting and his eyes take a tour of the Foyer.
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