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Originally Posted by Magnus von Thornwood View Post
And so it begins...

As Ser Barnsley is dusting the mantle the sound of the doorbell is heard. Barnsley heads to the door, checks the securi-cam and is only mildly surprised (being that he's been down this road before and he keeps up on the Court gossip, the Servants' Network is pretty good at passing the latest info around) to see an Imperial Courier at the door. After he assures himself that the visitor is genuine, he pages Master Martel to the Foyer where Lord Vilecashar is patiently waiting, a white envelope with purple edging in his hand...
Come down stairs from my study:

"Yes, Barnsley, what is it? Ahh, an Imperial courier. Thank you, Barnsley. I will take it from here."

Approach the courier, hand extended in greeting:

"I am FC Martel. How can I be of service to the Emperor today?"
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