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Great find! There isn't one adventure seed in that article, there's about a million adventures seeds in it!

I take The Economist and they had an article last year about a growing shipping glut, the glut the Daily Mail article alludes to. Even before the financial market meltdown last fall, the shipping industry had overbuilt and knew it had overbuilt. With the 3 year construction process mentioned, ships ordered in flush times were going to be launched in thin times. A glut in shipping tonnage was already present and was already forecast to grow. The financial meltdown just added to it.

Aside from normal business cycle down turns, down turns even the Imperium should experience, think about the effects of war and rumors of war should have on merchant shipping.

Imagine it's 220-1107 and you're transiting Zivije/Rhylanor. The system's mainworld is a fairly placid backwater, nothing special about it beyond being a cheap refiner of those odd compounds naturally produced on a "Fl"-rated world. The system's astrographic position however make it an important fueling stop for trade passing into and through the subsector from the rest of the Marches and even the Deneb Sector. Zivije's sole gas giant is ringed with fuel depots operated by shipping companies and consortiums of shipping companies to service their vessels passing through the system.

Suddenly a courier drops into the system and broadcasts to all and sundry that Ambassador Shterbifriashav delivered a declaration of war to Duke Norris at Regina on 187-1107.

What do you think is going to be the reaction of all those megatons of shipping in the Zivije system? Are those scheduled to jump to Risek or Macene and then further spinward going to keep those plans? How about the vessels scheduled to jump to Porozlo or Rhylanor, both Zhodani targets in earlier wars? Or those heading for Aramis subsector on the Vargr border?

I'd think, at the very least, that we'd see megatons of commercial shipping purposely holed up and idle deep within stellar jump limits of various systems until more news and more instructions are available. Many firms would also have standing "war orders" that captains would unseal listing (hopefully) safe assembly locations ships could run to until company and/or military assets arrive to escort them elsewhere.

As you suggested, the adventure potentials are most certainly there.

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