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Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
So, what I'm hearing is this;

You're not even close; try the book "The Island of Dr. Moreau" by H.G. Wells. I use a mad-scientist/geneticist as my explanation for the genetically altered humans from T20, as well as my own; especially those breed-true elves and dwarves of my science-explains-it fantasy world. Btw, his abandoned station is devoid of life, but data can be found about what happened there.

Unless you're thinking of the derelict ship. There is nothing alive on it (not counting microbes).

"Animal Farm"
You're even colder. Unless some aliens count as talking animals, but I don't have any (first contact with an alien species is after all those events in my timeline).

An Italian Western
Not really. The independent belters and the mining corporations cold/hot war wasn't all that "western"; and it did lead to an independent political entity in the Asteroid Belt so it might be closer to something like the American Revolution. Some of the ideas came from a book I read some time ago (The Rock Rats). Also, FYI, westerns were made in Hollywood long before they were shot in Italy. But the adventure itself is more like an event about an airplane being hijacked and taken back by the passengers. Or, to westernize THAT situation, a stagecoach is taken over by one unruly passenger and eventually he was overtaken by the other passengers before the stagecoach ran off the cliff.

And an issue of Legion of Superheroes.
I have no idea where this fantasy came from.

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