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Adventure seeds are easy to come up with, it's the devil in the details that bogs me down...

Here's a few of mine. Some are based on events in MTU timeline (Terra-based, 50-200 years in the future, together they could work as a few adventures for a time-travel based campaign, or a series of one-offs):

Speaking of one-offs (and now that I think about it, there were similar stories in TOS and TNG of Star Trek): the first Human attempt at Jump, with the players playing crewmembers/scientists aboard the ship, with sabotage, myriads of malfunctions, and the dread of the time in hyperspace when they don't know if they'll ever leave and then there's the dwindling supplies... which of course veteran players would already know it takes a week (maybe a good adventure for new players to Traveller at a convention).

Come across a derelict small ship (Free/Far Trader type), attacked from outside and forcibly entered, all crew and passengers are dead, cargo hold is empty, Ship's Boat hangar is empty. A little data searching reveals two passengers, a married couple of revered scientists in robotics, genetics, and AI, are not among the dead. Manifest lists sealed cargo of theirs that could fit in the Ship's Boat, and a smeared mess of a Human non-passenger is in a corner of the cargo hold; DNA testing with computer records search reveals his name and was last known to be an out-of-work spacehand.
(listed in the histories because it was the first known space-based pirate event)

A young child is kidnapped, parents have no money or other obvious reasons why someone would kidnap their child. No ransom demands are forthcoming. (both parents are strong psionics, an "evil" psionics group thinks the child may be stronger, or worth putting into a breeding program, and young enough to be brainwashed).

Abandoned remote research station of Dr. Moruoix, "mad-scientist" geneticist. (need I say more? )

One of several missing colony ships: multiple groups with the similar theme of a medieval "pleasant" society (who wants to be dirty disease-riddled peasants?) got together to buy their own colony ship, plus a mysterious tie-in with one Dr. Moruoix, left "Known Space" and was never heard from again. (my "fantasy" based world with psionics-as-magic wizards; also, "ancient" artifacts/ruins with strong psionic "echoes" also exist on the world - think "Harn").
The world might be worth finding to 1) extort money from those that know of the situation (the wizards are in the know, but do you want to mess with strong psionics?) 2) charge high fees for those rich people wanting a different adventure/vacation in their bored lives, 3) safaris hunting "mythical" creatures for sale elsewhere or see #2.
(also allows for those "Barbarian" characters)

PCs as passengers aboard an elegant and famous passenger liner when a belter takes control of the ship and heads it toward the nearest planet at max acceleration. He's demanding action against a "claim-jumping" corporation taking asteroids from hard-working simple belter folk. (okay, I've been watching too many westerns lately ). But I do have such an event in my timeline; ship's name is the Iridium Star and it has a second historical entry: after being refitted with a jump drive was also known to be the first ship to misjump and never heard from again (the ship was rumored to be a "bad luck" ship.. long construction delays and mishaps, etc).

Now, to tie all these together... :

1) child never found; child's brain is put into a near-human-like robotics body;
2) scientists go into hiding after hearing of what happens with some investigators at that remote research station and the "pirate" action is their cover up;
3) with new identities and wanting to see how their "child" acts in society, the scientists and "child" take passage aboard the Iridium Star;
4) Iridium Star misjumps, ends up at "fantasy" world;
5) years later the "child" takes over a large part of the world in a series of wars, learns truth of the world situation, and takes his conquesting to the stars.

(That's not the way #5 will actually happen.... )

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