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Post Novel Teaser - Zhevra's Dance

I took the NaNoWriMo challenge in November 2016 and spat out 50K words between 11/10 and 11/30. The book then grew to 189K words. Here is a teaser.


Zhevra Cannagrrh wakes from a three year coma to search for her missing mate-husband, Gevaudan. In doing so, she stumbles across a buried report on a galactic, psychic phenomenon that is engulfing known space. But who will believe a Suedzuk, a "Red Pelt" after the infamous Sack of Gashikan? She must overcome racism, sexism, herself and race against time to warn the next victims of the oncoming wave before it takes them as it did her husband. However, not everyone feels that the Regency should be unfairly warned of the oncoming Mind Tsunami.


Past the door into the bridge, Zhevra caught Gevaudan in a skin-tight, neck-to-toes suit of light and silvery gray. Circuitry lines in lanthanum ran like a circuit board up and down this unitard over his form. His back was to her and he faced the bridge computer terminal immediately to the left. From behind him, Zhevra smiled to see this form-fitting outfit she recognized that he rarely wore. It was his Teleportation Suit, a specially designed liner over his body that aided in temperature, pressure and if the science was right, it helped with momentum changes to a certain limit. She had seen Gev use it once before, but only when he further explained his repertoire of psionic talents, clairvoyance and teleportation. Now, with his back turned to her, Gev hunched over the terminal. The door closed behind Zhevra’s entry. But then she heard it lock.

His mane was wild and Gevaudan Cannagrrh turned about to face Zhevra. She saw a wild and savage expression explode across his face, his cheekbones’ augments flashing in the cabin light. Claws flashed and he grabbed the female by her black Engineer’s uniform.

“Empress! Black!” the maddened white Vargr screamed insanely as he bodily threw Zhevra forward, through the air in the cabin, to land between the two cockpit chairs and collide with the avionics access hatch. She landed painfully and her shoulder threatened to go numb with pins and needles tinging up and down the extremity. Instincts of the Suedzuk will to survive kicked adrenalin into Zhevra’s system. She was on her toes instantly as she beheld in full, the demeanor, aura fields and expression of her husband gone savage. His claws were out before him. Those eyes, a crystal azure blue, bore down on her crouched position as he advanced on her.

“Gev! No!” was all she got out as he pounced at her.
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