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Arrow [Referee] The Shout Out for Excellent Work While The Boss Snapped.

Thanks go publicly and with proper respect to Citizen Pendragonman for volunteering his time at here the local library where the crazy old Director and Chief Archivist of the Library (or the more properly ADSGD) of the Thornwood-Daarnulud Institute Branch (heir of the knowledge and history of distant lost Terra) holds sway. Then he lost his damned fool mind on the man for genuinely working and not just pretending to do some useful thing like "'look I put them in order of their color in the rainbow. didn't i do good? :arrgghh must not kill:". No, he did something that was in fact on the list of "needs to done" and was not being "done". Now it is "done". Thank you again for being such a Gentleman.

He may (if he choses to) create and send to the Referee an Archivist for the Staff at the Royal Permatic Library (the first true step into the Institute's old beings network, you don't send noobs to deal with the Elders without training. And now you personally know why. They could have a Bad Experience.) Citizen Pendragonman gets the Honors, Title and Rank of The Archivist of the House Rules* since he did get that squared away when I asked him to.

The Order of Precedence is: After me (Magnus), pendragonman rules in the House Rule thread.

Anyway, being that I was a complete and patented SJRDF meltdown this week I am publicly apologizing. I shouldn't have tried to tough out having the unknown sick. (Last time sorta killed me for a minute, well I know what that one was/is.) So, I had a bunch of apologizing to do this week. Which being one of those seriously, good guy nobles all metagame styles, I surely did. PMs were exchanged and things are back to stable and not so damned angry on my part. Sorry for splash damage if any to the rest of you. Been a bad week, not an excuse, I mean the old lady's needle is making me Save versus Poison right now, just a report.

That is all. Though I am tempted to hide the fact that William Gibson's Neuromancer got me on what you could do with personality recordings, AIs and people on ROMs. (And a furtherance of my constant crush on pretty fighty umm chicks. But while Molly is bloody hot, a certain Dana best remember I respect her man. Hell, I almost envy her man and his capabilities, then I remember I too am a cyborg and maintenance sucks.)

That got added to my personal and professional interest in psionics, the police, and other nerd things, like finding what actually gave humans the energy to have super powers. It is by the way an artificial ATP stabilizer created in the UNA on Terra as a bioweapon or an agricultural experiment gone wrong, sources are muddled on this. Either way its remnants and effects are still found among the mainline human genepool and has been noticed in those with Talents and Psionics.

So in a truly I think unique Traveller5 ATU background, I have AI, superpowers and Fusion+* for thousands of years. They have bad people handled. We make a copy, put that on a self as the Archived Convicted Imperial Citizen (or Subject) [ACIC or ACIB] and then copy that master, edit it and reimplant the new altered version of you out to "Serve the Imperium" (in you know whatever way, they aren't real specific oddly).

Now, for 5 points what is the answer to the questions:
  • Who makes the master copy?
  • Where is it done?
  • How do they secure the master?
  • Where do they keep the master?
  • How many copies do they make?
  • Where might those copies be?
  • What might they be doing while "incarcerated"?

Yeah, fun and potentionaly dark answers might be out there depending on the answers? I believe these are called possible adventure hooks. *shrugs* Could be, could be not. Post suggestion(s) if any or just make a new thread.

*Yeah, looks like Marc and I were on that cold fusion thing. Hell, I used and hope, pray and wish that I still have my photocopies of the two original cold fusion papers. I read them too. Many times.

The Eldest and Most Credible Order of the Institutes.

Archivist (Initiate) is the first Rank and Title in the Order and its linage goes back to Volcker's Imperium. They are Charged and Sworn to keep accurate, politically neutral, psychohistorical records of the Imperiums and to protect the Repositories and Old Empires sites. They keep a fund that they disperse to latent psionics that missed the pre-screening due to poverty, Citizen or Subject status within the Imperium or other reasons of misfortune. They have both civilian and military members. Which is good since the Order is also Charged with keeping military forces for fulfillment of their duties to the Institutes, the Imperium and the Crown. The membership is fairly evenly divided among sophonts, worlds, or service with civilian side being filled with academia and functionaries of the bureaucracies (Imperial and Royal) and the military side is mainly ex-members of the Dump Defense Forces.

* Honors, Title and Rank of The Archivist of the House Rules.

This an official post within the Imperial Household and is the final source on many odd matters of etiquette. While it seems at first a peaceful task undertaken in dark, media filled rooms in the depths of the Palace by strange distinguished Imperial Scholars the history of the Imperiums has quiet of few tales kept by the very same academics where the matter was settled by duels of various sorts, some extreme matters resulting in small wars. While most people think the Moot's Office of The Register of Imperial Documents would be the ones to decide the Order of Precedence and Succession, but it is by tradition and Imperial High Law administered by The Archivist of the House Rules.
Lord Craig A. Glesner, PC,
Seventh Captain of the Imperial Guard, CO (O3) D Trp/3 Sqdn/4518th LIR,
Duke of Sinta, Count Smoug, Viscount Alell, Musayid, & Nii Khu, Marquis Malory & Phlume, Baron Donu-na,
Knight Retainer of the Emperor for Salla, Inarli, & Bhuur,
Knight Retainer of the Baron Jacha, Knight Retainer of the Baronet Kiind,
Knight of the Third Imperium for Trane,
Travellers' Aid Society Member #0543.

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"Some annoying, some entertaining, a few informative, but, Always, Magnus."

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