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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
[OOC: If we've finished OOC discussing preparation of pastry, perhaps it is time to move the IC game forward a bit? ]

DING DING DING! It is 0600 shiptime, and for anybody who wasn't on "overnight" watch, time to get up and get to work.

Going down the roster:


Doc may also be a bit short on sleep, depending on whether he felt it necessary to stay up (or get up at intervals) to keep an eye on his patient in Med-Bay. [Use of the medical stun device can make sure that Nero stayed asleep, resting and healing, for whatever periods Doc chose to be absent from Med-Bay.] Doc now has the replacement parts to complete any necessary repairs on the Med-Bay robots, or to work on the Cargo Bots if he chooses (see repair short-list at end of this post).

from my post in chapter 1
Doc tells Nero and his wife that Nero should stay in the sickbay for the night. Also over the next week no over doing it and to keep his heart rate low. Doc will give Nero something to make him sleep for most of the night so that he can heal.

After Nero is out and his wife is not present, Doc will tell Alfred to monitor for any dramatic changes in Nero's vitals and inform him as soon as there are any. Doc will then go to the galley and grab some food. After which he will go to his quarters and take a good shower and get to bed.

Setting the alarm for 0400 hrs assuming that Alfred does not wake him, Doc will grab some more food and coffee with an extra cup for Nero, head back to the sickbay by 0430 hours. There Doc will monitor Nero's progress and make some notes for Nero and his wife to follow along with prescribing some medication for Nero to take for pain and what to watch for (like bleeding, soreness, and what to do, not do over the following weeks.)
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