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Default Fortunate Son, In Jump, (0600 shiptime, 3731-08-16)

[OOC: If we've finished OOC discussing preparation of pastry, perhaps it is time to move the IC game forward a bit? ]

DING DING DING! It is 0600 shiptime, and for anybody who wasn't on "overnight" watch, time to get up and get to work.

Going down the roster:

[OOC: still haven't heard from Sabredog about Hampton's actions since going into Jump; if he decided that a watchstander was necessary on the Bridge even in Jump (not SOP as not required), then he was a generous Captain and took that watch himself, fortified by caff drinks; if no Bridge watch, then he got a good "night's" rest and is ready for the day.]

Kalos got a good rest and is ready to face the day; either on Bridge watch if Hampton decided that was necessary, or else doing Mechanic work as assigned by Max on the ship repair short-list (see end of this post).

Donoma also got a good rest and is ready to put her tech skills to work as assigned by Max (see repair short-list at end of this post). (Since she has Gravitics-1, the air-raft maintenance might be a good job for her.)

Max may be a little short on sleep; although he was able to sack out after turning the Engineering watch over to Henry, I expect based on previous actions that Max probably took a shorter rest period, then got up early to prepare some delicious breakfast for everyone else to get a good start on their day, including the passengers. Whatever else Max decides to do this dayshift, he may also want a bit of a nap.

Doc may also be a bit short on sleep, depending on whether he felt it necessary to stay up (or get up at intervals) to keep an eye on his patient in Med-Bay. [Use of the medical stun device can make sure that Nero stayed asleep, resting and healing, for whatever periods Doc chose to be absent from Med-Bay.] Doc now has the replacement parts to complete any necessary repairs on the Med-Bay robots, or to work on the Cargo Bots if he chooses (see repair short-list at end of this post).

[OOC: Sam said he will be offline for a bit. Based on this post, it appears to me that Henry took the overnight Engineering watch while working on bots, so...] Henry spent the nightshift exchanging control cores and making minor repairs to get the junked bot from Ruthie into shape as a functional Upper Drive Room engineer assistant bot, so Henry now wants a good cleanup, a bite to eat, and some sacktime.

Gayne probably got a good "night's" rest and is ready for whatever duties are assigned. As he does not have any tech skills, he might assist Doc with care of Nero, or help out in the Cargo Bay where his strength will be quite welcome.

Bruno might work in the Cargo Bay checking all of those freight containers to see what is really in them; since it is freight that is still owned by Nero's company, someone should talk w Nero first to work out an arrangement on that, as to whether he wants one of his people also present for the opening/checking work. [Bruno could also assist in any of the repair tasks on Max's short-list, or could stand an Engineering watch to free up Max for other work; I've added Engr-0 to Bruno's skills, not real Engr skill but enough to let him stand a watch and call for help if needed.]

Benjamin can assist whoever is working in Cargo checking those containers.

Janna will be busy with steward work on this first day in Jump, helping the passengers get settled in, showing them how things work in the Passenger section and how to request assistance from Jarvis, taking care of meals, etc. First thing, (either after Hampton is up, or before he goes to sleep if he took nightwatch), she asks Hampton or Max about letting Wewepaba adjust the temp/humidity settings in his cabin to Bwap levels of comfort.

Max's Short-List for Repairs (parts are now onboard for all of these tasks):
Air raft (32 man hours)
Fuel Purifier (39 man hours)
Assistant Engineer Bot (Lower Drive Room bot, not the UDR one Henry that replaced) (5 man hours)
Cargo Bots (32 man hours) [to fix all 4]
Forklift (11 man hours)
Hardpoint Maintenance (empty hardpoints) ( 10 man hours)
Faulty Power Connectors (5.25 man hours)
Imperial Core Update: In other news, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is... still alive.

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