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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
[OOC: IMTU there really isn't anything for Pilot or Navigator to do while in Jump; you just want to have a Pilot on the Bridge as you get near the expected time for Jump Exit, in case there is any emergency to be dealt with on exit.]
[OOC: If no one watches the sensors, then how will we know when the tentacled jump monsters come into view? Not that I'm paranoid or anything, but I read these boards, too........ ]

Once the systems are securely transitioned to "jump mode", Donoma turns to Hampton. "So, captain, we have an item we didn't really have a chance to discuss before - what with all the excitement of getting our cargo and getting out of town - those wonderful 'other duties as assigned'. I know you're not paying me to do nothing but sit on my pugo and eat your food for a week, so you'll want to work me into the assignments. (I assume you run a 24 hour engineer watch, at least.) You know my qualifications cover just about everything but gunnery at least a little. Tell me where and when you want me to start."

Donoma looks significantly more relaxed than she did on planet.

"Oh, do you mind if I bring an item up to the bridge? Sort of a ... totem, I guess. An antique ship's compass."
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