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Originally Posted by Magnus von Thornwood View Post
Yeah, I am a raging Socialist these days so I am all about the social justice and not making people into property. I have this embarrassing white guilt, which I blame on my nice middle class childhood and it bleeds over into all the minorities, which in my kooky eyes includes robots. I really, really, really hate those robot gladiator shows. Really hate them. Also, not a fan of us teaching them to kill for us, though I suspect like every other minority they will fight like demons and amaze almost everyone with their courage, dedication and will to fight and live, just like us humans. I look forward to that day and it makes me cringe too.

Life, it is all sorts of complex and grey it turns out.
I get ya brother, I am fairly liberal myself, but I'm also a little arrogant I suppose. People are just stupid Every time I think I'm starting to like people in general again, they go and do something like blow other people up, or shoot them, or run over them in cars after getting sloppy drunk... that sorta thing. Really lays the smack-down on my faith in folks, and talking about demons, I pity the fool that ever does anything to hurt my son. My liberal leanings would go right out the window and bring out the dark side of me that is just to the right of Atilla the Hun Still, I completely dig your social justice bit... I, in reality, desire equal rights and social justice even for all those folks I don't like My control code bit was mostly tongue-in-cheek. I'm down with playing him completely unrestrained mechanically.
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