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Pretty crazy, ain't it? AFAIAC, you can go a long ways with just the core book, supply catalog, and flavor with characters from a few of the books.

And yet, somehow, I have a ton of these crazy things. To mongoose's credit, I was disappointed with Mercenary and High Guard (standbys for me in the classic traveller world), but suitable impressed me with Agent, Psion, and the supply catalog that I felt encouraged to by more.

Originally Posted by dmccoy1693 View Post
Actually there is a sale going onright now for like 2 more hours. 10 am EST it ends. The GM's day at Many Jon Brazer Enterprises and Mongoose titles are 25% off. Grab em quick. You've got 2 hours.

EDIT: My bad. it ends at 6pm EST, that means you have 7-1/2 from right now.
When I read the post, I had 8 minutes. But I nabbed 3 books. 1 already had in print (scoundrel, because I like the PDF so I can print out the ships and laminate them), and 2 I didn't even know were out yet (Robots and Cybernetics).
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