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I was wondering if there is any kind of software or website that lets me create a detailed ORIGINAL alien race, along with traits, unique personality, anatomy, etc. Something like a "Random Alien Generator"

You know what everyone does? They just borrow ideas from Dungeons and Dragons and other games, and then translate those races into so-called "Traveller aliens". I've done that in the past myself... and I think it's time to do it differently.

Alien races need to be created uniquely. They need to be really alien, totally bizarre, and having almost nothing in common with Humanity. They need to be something that you've never seen on TV, something that you didn't borrow from Star Trek or D&D. This is the only way that they can truly be called alien.

But how do we go about designing these truly unique alien species? How do we do this so that the "design" of the species is sensible? Surely there is some kind of RPG utility that someone created for doing this....
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