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Your Name in Zhodani

*UPDATE: Latest changes are marked with '*'

I need some testers to try out these draft rules. (Warning: it seems to work better with names than with login handles).

This is a set of name-mangling rules that maps names (or words) into Zhodani-sounding counterparts. As always, use with caution. Your results will help me refine the model.


Riestants ("Call me Stan") Ejdakieqr

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Rules
(0) Write down a name.
(1) Drop final vowels.
(2) Conflate repeated consonants.
(3) Apply vowel rules
(4) Apply basic consonant &amp; final consonant rules.
(5) Shorten runs of 4+ consonants &amp; edit where necessary.


(0) George Jefferson
(1) Georg Jefferson
(2) Georg Jeferson
(3) Garg Jafarsien
(4) Zhdadlzhd Nashtadlchieqr
(5) Zhdadl Nashtadlieqr


(1) Marc Miller
(2) Marc Miler
(3) Merc Molar
(4) Zedlm Zoklam
(5) Zedlem Zoklam


a -&gt; e
ae -&gt; i
au -&gt; ia
e -&gt; a
ea -&gt; e
eo -&gt; a
i -&gt; o
ie -&gt; e
o -&gt; ie
u -&gt; o
ue -&gt; e
y -&gt; e or null
y final -&gt; q or null

Basic (non-final) Consonants:

b -&gt; st
br -&gt; dr
c -&gt; m
ch(r) -&gt; qr
d -&gt; zd
f -&gt; sht
fr -&gt; q
g -&gt; zhd
gl -&gt; jd
h -&gt; sh or null
j -&gt; n
k -&gt; f
l -&gt; kl
lt -&gt; ql
m -&gt; z
n -&gt; d
nd -&gt; y or v
p -&gt; tl
ph -&gt; l
q -&gt; fl
r -&gt; dl
rn -&gt; v
rt -&gt; cht
s -&gt; ch
sh -&gt; pl
sm -&gt; vl
st -&gt; k
t -&gt; br
te(r) -&gt; kr
th(l) -&gt; fr
th(r) -&gt; j
v -&gt; p
w -&gt; vr

Final Consonants:

b -&gt; z
cy -&gt; nj
d -&gt; n -or- tl
l -&gt; l
ld -&gt; nsh
n -&gt; qr
(r)ns -&gt; stebr *
(i)on -&gt; atl *
r -&gt; m
rk -&gt; nt *
rd(s) -&gt; br
rt -&gt; nts
s -&gt; r
sh -&gt; kr
s(i)on -&gt; tlas *
st -&gt; kl
t -&gt; j
t(i)on -&gt; tlas *
th -&gt; f
v -&gt; dl
wn -&gt; k
y -&gt; q

(for all other final consonants, please use
the &quot;Basic Consonants&quot; table, and sorry for the
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