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I've done some minor editing. I have a tendency to type "on" when I mean "no", and "levelled" when I mean "leveled" … "levelled" is pronounced "lev-elled", and it's really annoying. I also did some rephrasing.

I'm not real happy with this latest installment … I wanted to show more ruthlessness on Gahv's part, but wound up softening him up. I guess subconsciously I didn't want to get in trouble with the powers that be on the forum, but I think I could have injected a bit more violence without going over the top. I may rewrite it, and again, apologies for the typos and raw read. I thought I had edited it before posting.

*2nd EDIT*
I did some massive editing on the first chapter. Again, it's my usual dyslexia conspiring with my natural laziness to think I've created great prose, when it's actually riddled with errors. I did proof read it, and even had MS Word read it back to me, but event then I missed a number of errors. Many apologies. It should read as I intended now. thanks again

Thanks again.
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