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To the human ear Vargr speak sounded like a mish-mash of sloshed woofs and low grows and controlled toned barks, none of which was intelligible to most humans.

Gavh led Zhegh off the bridge with the human in tow, and by the time they had returned to the hold the rest of the corsairís crew were handling the more valuable cargo with grav lifts, shoving it through the gang tube where the rest of the crew was stowing it in the corsairs comparatively small hold. When the Corsairís hold was full, and the word came back that they couldnít fit anymore, Gahv ordered the operation to stop, and to reboard the ship.

The powerful chemical odor of the human vessel was replaced with the more welcome scents of Gahvís own crew as he stepped back into the Stalkerís Fang, and ordered the air lock sealed. The gang tube was retracted, and stowed in the shipís bulkhead. The two shipís parted, but not before Gahv gave the order to scuttle the Terran ship. Two well placed missiles tore her asunder, and the Evening Star was no moreónothing but particles on the stellar wind.
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