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“Aye, captain.”

Gahv stepped forward to peer out the lateral portion of the bridges windscreen to see the gang-tube securely attached to the merchant’s air lock, then quickly glanced at a readout showing the pressurization of the tube before exiting the bridge—trust but verify. Gahv turned and stormed towards the armored door, his right hand feeling his low holstered sidearm which gave him both comfort and confidence.

The armored door slid shut and sealed itself after Gahv stepped off the bridge and into the main hexagonal shaped corridor, lined with struts to give the ship extra rigidity in combat, and in the rare event of a ram—a tactic Gahv had never contemplated, but against a foe like human vessels, it was a thing he kept in the back of his mind. Even at this stage he wouldn’t put it beyond the crew of the Evening Star to have some device or weapon that would cut open the gangway as he and his troops were attempting to board.

Gahv grabbed his helmet and high energy laser carbine, commonly known in Imperial parlance as a “HEL Gun”, and climbed down the ladder to the lower deck where a dozen troopers were waiting for him, all fully kitted in the same armored vaccsuit, some with more battle scars, bullet holes, laser burns and patches than others, but all assembled and waiting for Gahv with cowed ears.

Gahv finished sealing his helmet, then took his prized possession, an Imperial laser pistol with an extended magazine, and strapped on the extra large shoulder holster over the suit. He couldn’t remember what the weapon’s proper name was. Something unpronounceable by Vargr standards, but lethal sounding to the human ear. Truth be told Gahv preferred the big loud armor punching heavy side arms that made a lot of noise and flash to intimidate the opposition, but, function over form he told himself. That, and the laser weapon was far deadlier than anything human chemistry and engineering could come up with. Human—there was that word again. Still, for all that, on his other hip he carried a standard noise maker revolver in case he needed to make a point to some hapless victim or his crew, or both, that he was in command, and no one dare defy his authority.

The boarding party were armed with a multiple of weapons, from sawed off shotguns to mercenary hand-me-downs from the Imperium, including an antiquated ACR that hadn’t been in service with mainline Imperial soldiers for over fifty years, if not longer. Each trooper double checked his weapon, creating a symphony of a series of metallic clicks, slides, clacks and locks as chambers were loaded, accompanied by the exhilarating climbing whine of energy weapons being charged and primed.

He checked his life support and seal on his helmet once more before ordering Kael to open the air lock. Kael, the trim and mostly black and white furred lieutenant passed the order onto the muscular sergeant to open the air lock.

Kael was the lead, Gahv’s lieutenant, sometimes his sergeant, for even though he had a hunter’s mind for tactics, he, quite literally, barked orders at the rest of the boarding party to storm positions as opposed to passing on Gahv’s tactical wizardry, especially since Gahv lead the charge—like now.

The hiss of the door opening as air molecules gushed from one chamber to the next, filled the corsair’s lower deck. Soon the airlock was wide open to the main gangway tube. If there was to be treachery, then now was the time. But the gang tube mere undulated emptily as it contained breathable air for one ship to transit its crew to the other.

Gahv walked to the edge of the airlock’s deck, and let himself fall into the weightlessness of the artificial corridor of liveable space suspended by nothing but the vacuum outside. He shoved off and felt his body float free in a near straight line to the Solomani’s air lock. Behind was his combat engineer Zhegh, who immediately put a hand held unit with a tiny LCD and datalink to his helmet onto the external locking mechanism. For several moments Gahv watched the older Vargr run one routine after another, trying to outwit the security AI into opening the outer door, but for naught.

Gahv was growing impatient, he could feel his blood lust growing cold and did not want to lose the feeling. “Open it!”

Zhegh, without question put the electronic lockpit into his suits breast pocket, and immediately pulled a micro plasma torch. He pulled down the shade on his visor and went to work. Gahv turned away from the blindingly bright hyper-charged gaseous flame as did the rest of his boarding part, and let Zhegh do his work. Minutes went by, and the electric flame died, followed by the sound of Zhegh grunting as the outer door slid aside only to reveal the inner door. But, through luck or happenstance, it was partially open, and Gahv’s men immediately stormed in to help Zhegh pry it open to reveal a veritable warehouse of cargo and freight containers stacked up to the ceiling.

That’s when the first shot rang out, striking Ghrisawh’s faceplat, shattering the ballistic grade glass and knocking him to the deck unconscious.

Gahv and his men noted that that ship’s AG system was still functional, and if they could hear weapons’ fire, then that meant that there was air in here. Which meant the humans were still alive, and like their treacherous reputation, had played the part of the wounded beast only to show their fangs as that first single shot was followed by a hail of gunfire from all quarters.

Gagharn was the next to fall. A storm of full automatic weapons punctured his suit, turning him into a lifeless mass as the image of dark gray life giving ichor that was his blood oozed from his suit.

Gahv drew his heavy sidearm with his left hand and fired in the general direction of the enemy gunfire on the upper gantry behind a stack of cargo containers. The report from the large caliber weapon was thunderous and deafening, each shot audibly putting to shame the relative pops of the full automatic rifles and electronic searing-snaps of those in his party armed with laser weapons.

Gahv fired off the last of his sidearms round, and then switched to his HEL gun, laying down a lethal stream of high-energy light that cut through containers and human alike. Gahv stood in the open while his men took cover, returning fire when they braved a chance to do so. All the while Gahv, his white fangs bared brazenly, stood his ground.

Gahv locked onto each distant and partially concealed muzzle flash on the other side of the cargo bay. One, two, three and more human bodies dropped as the bright crimson beam found its mark. By this time Gahv’s boarding party had regained enough of its confidence to come out from their cover, weapons levelled, and firing as anything that moved.

The once stale recycled air was now alive with the scent of cordite, cordine, ozone, and fresh kill. Gahv stepped forward with purpose, scanning the area with his weapon, anticipating anything out of the ordinary. You only lived once, and if he were to die, then it wouldn’t be because some human had caught him unawares. The HUD on his armored faceplate and his own eyes and other senses soaked up input to allow Gahv’s hunter’s instinct to guide his every step—watching, waiting, expecting, sensing, and even desiring and hoping some human would come out and challenge his aim.

“Check the bridge.” Gahv didn’t raise his tone, but was all business. No need for bravado here. He had proven his point, and the need for barking tones was long gone. Gahv raised his face plate to let the chemical ridden air filter into his super olfactory passages, and get a better sense of who was alive, and where they were hiding. The electronic wizardry of human and Vargr engineers alike couldn’t satiate his own desire to smell it with his own nose, no matter how good humans were at creating electronic contrivances.
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