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Originally Posted by Xerxeskingofking View Post
At TL 9, Gravtic M drives allow, for the first time, space travel free form the tyranny of Tsiolkovsky's Rocket Equation.

It is in war that the limits of the 1G drive were most felt, especially by fighter craft. While Gravtic drive ships had the endurance to preform long range missions, traditional reaction drives offered much higher performance, with 6 or even 9G drives being common on some fighters. A fighter equipped with only a 1G grav drive could simply not compete with a reaction drive fighter inside the R-drive fighter’s radius of action.
I think the real problem is the quaint idea that a high-G reaction drive is actually possible. For example, a typical rocket with a human payload (and all the support equipment that must include) can lift off at 2-3 Gs. However, this requires a gargantuan booster with stupendous fuel consumption. That 2-3 Gs only lasts a few minutes before exhausting the onboard fuel.

So the real problem is that R drives given in the books ignore Tsiolkovsky to claim multi-G performance that lasts for hours. I haven't really studied it, but I've read posts on this forum saying that HEPlaR probably couldn't produce a fraction of the rated thrust in real world physics. I'm absolutely certain that no rocket could produce 2 hours of 6 G thrust (or similar 24 G-turns) with onboard reaction mass in keeping with Tsiolkovsky.

You'd have to imagine some system capable of highly relativistic exhaust velocity to achieve it, and then it is no longer a reaction drive but rather a handwavium drive. I believe I once calculated a Ve for a 2G CT Scout Courier with 48 hours endurance for the listed fuel at 0.5c or thereabouts. Then again, that might have included all the Courier's fuel, including jump fuel. I'll have to find that calc.
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