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Default [TDW:1416.2] Home to the Unknown

[Saorsa System 208.81.2028 Fleet Time] Bridge, Abandonment

Alarm klaxons rang loud enough to vibrate the deck.

Ben could feel them in his boots. Proximity alarms, damage control, and the grating of the jump space blinds trying to force their way out of sight.

"Wow...that's huge!" Ensign Candidate Christian said. She glanced at Gail. "Um, I mean, um, a large ship in on sensors. Measuring four thousand standard tons. There are two smaller ships near it; each eight hundred standard. Their weapons are active and we are targeted. Fleet ships still arriving out of jump, sir. We are where we planned, but the other ships were in the area already."

"Sir, Acting Captain Holden reports his squadron present and intact. However, the Golonatha's jump drive has failed. Suspect radiation damage but unconfirmed." Burl Pataki said. He was learning Comms and seemed to be good at it. He paused, and then continued. "Captain Holden reports all crew members reporting for duty until final outbrief."

Holden's message was clear; some of Marni's crew wanted to leave as soon as they could. The shame of the attack on their captain, though, kept them in line. Doubtless Holden leaned on their love for their captain more than on his own rapport. At least for now.

Gail coughed lightly. She was looking down at Klessia, who had been looking out at the stars.

"What...oh." Klessia paled slightly. "Sir, eighteen fighters launched from the large ship. Inbound to our fleet. The two smaller ships moving forward."

"Sir. Captain Holden reports moving to intercep...Sir! Something else coming through." Pataki's hands stumbled slightly over the comm controls. He wiped his palms on the rough canvas of his torn pants and tried again.

A man's image filled the HUD over the front screen. He seemed relaxed, confident. His sharp eyes flicked across the crew on the bridge; resting for a moment on Gail and then settling on Ben.

"This is Captain Brant Lesueur, Commanding SCN Task Force Messana." He smiled. "What are your intentions?"
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