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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
The question then become at what speed does that information travel. I was thinking Jump 2 (since I expect these to be scouts). Information on X-Boat routes would travel at J-4, but only along the route, and only to the next system. But once that information from the X-Boat landed, the info could still be propagated at J-2. One could argue that X-Boat traffic won't happen from an interdicted system.

Simply, I consider Couriers to be ubiquitous, and Space "uncontrollable" enough to prevent it from happening. So, every fleet movement and action starts a J-2 Ripple of information in the space pond.
At TL 15 with an Imperial fleet, I consider all major fleet couriers to be the j-6 version from Supp 9. Each fleet will also have a gaggle of attached Scout/Couriers for local work.

Still causes a lag in comms, BTW, just not as bad as only having j-4 or even (perish the thought) j-2.

As for set-up times, my group set it up once, then we laughed when we re-read the box lid that boldly proclaims a 2-4 hour game time. _That's_ how long our set-up took...
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