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Originally Posted by robject View Post
Yes, and I have a copy of HG1, Frank. Despite that, most of the publications at this point leaned heavily on Book 2 (e.g. Leviathan). I think we all agree that this was an actual transition point, which implies a change away from an early assumption (small ships) to a replacement assumption (big ships).

I'd say we have a blank slate, but I could be wrong.
Rob, Leviathan is a hybrid design.
  • It has Armor, which Bk2 does not.
  • It has a configuration, which Bk2 does not.
  • It implies subtly Bk 2 drives

Like the Kinunir, the module was done by the guys at Games Workshop, then purchased by GDW. GDW designs of the era immediately went big ship with Bk 5; the draft of Bk 5 apparently did not inform the users, and both Kinunir and Leviathan are hybrids that appear to be built from a prototype of Bk 5, and match no known design system fully. Since they were released prior to Bk 5 79, and then reprinted after as GDW products...

This is another way of saying, "They do not reflect GDW, but do reflect GW's interpretation of the OTU based upon drafts of Bk 5"... a small ship book 5-79 universe.
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