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Originally Posted by Frank View Post
It's still big ship universe, you have Book 5 (1979 printing)...
Yes, and I have a copy of HG1, Frank. Despite that, most of the publications at this point leaned heavily on Book 2 (e.g. Leviathan). I think we all agree that this was an actual transition point, which probably implies a "we'll deal with large ships later" attitude, as well as a very clear "big ships are not for adventuring" vibe.

Originally Posted by creativehum View Post
Do the later interpretations of the UWP stand?

Or, at this point, are the only worlds defined those defined in S03 and Library Data in the Adventures.

That is, are the worlds a "blank slate" for the Referee to interpret.
I'd say we have a blank slate, but I could be wrong.
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