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The concept of a hard science approach was written into the original CT rules somewhere (I just failed to find the passage(s), I'm sure someone will help).

To paraphrase, the intention in Traveller is (or was) that equipment and systems should be explainable by the laws of physics even if such devices and techniques are currently unattainable, thereby excluding 'mysterious zapotron rays'.

How closely one adheres to that premise is a matter of choice for Referee and players, since CT also states (LBB3 last page) 'anything can occur, with imagination being the only limit'.

Personally, I try to make my Traveller science 'hard' for two reasons: firstly, I like real science and I like to use it in my games, and secondly it gets hard to hold munchkins in check if they can destroy a starship with a pocket disintegrator pistol powered by extra-dimensional psionic dragons.

My D&D dungeons used to be explainable too - no dragons sitting for three centuries in 10 ft cell with no food...

I'm not an ultra hard case though, I don't stick to backpack-fed laser pistols, generation ships and spin-gravity.

The short answer: it's an original tenet of Traveller, it makes life easier, and it's a personal choice. YMMV.

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