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Originally Posted by dmccoy1693 View Post
I didn't necessarily mean those specific instances.
I thought the answer to the specific would address the general

Originally Posted by dmccoy1693 View Post
What I was getting is that science grows all the time. And simply because we cannot think of something existing today doesn't mean that it cannot be a daily reality in a very short jaunt in the future.
Nor does it mean that everything we can dream of science doing will ever become reality Just check out the Popular Mechanics and Popular Science and such from the 50's and 60's predicting what science would be doing for us in the far off future (our present) to see how wrong dreams can be.

Originally Posted by dmccoy1693 View Post
So why do some hold to a "it must be hard science" stance?
Because if I want to play a game with magic and space travel I'll dig out my D&D and Spell Jammer

It's simply a choice. Traveller has always been more hard sci-fi than soft or fantasy though like any sci-fi allowances must be made. I'm not sure I'd really call Traveller hard science, not even hard sci-fi. Medium so.

And there are those who inject less hardness into Traveller in the interest of fun and that's fine.

I know you don't want to start a flame war but I even feel myself walking the line* in trying to answer more completely.

* See my deleted words in this post, oh, you can't. I deleted them before posting. Just as well, they weren't really flamey but some would have taken them as such or replied to them with more heat, so better to not go there I think.
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