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It might depend (the nanotech issue only) on the definition of what is nanotech and what the author meant by downplay it.

I'm only guessing here but I suspect the intention is to not use nanotech as a grey goo demon or replicator angel. Both of which are not hard science though very popular science fiction.

You pretty much hit the nail on the head I'm guessing with your own example. Satellite tech and such is so commonplace now that nobody thinks about it and to some it is pure magic that they don't have (or require) clue one about how it works, it just does, in very simple to operate devices.

Nanotech of the future, in Traveller, as hard science, is the same. It's ubiquitous and invisible (and not much different from where Real World hard science nanotech is going). It was used to build almost every bit of high tech your character uses in some factory but not in a grey goo or replicator (un-hard sci fantasy) fashion.

That is I think (again just my guess) the point of the author. Oh, and Traveller isn't several million years from now It's only some thousands (with setbacks along the way) of years

EDIT: I also think you seriously under rate the usage of lighthouses. They are still very functional fixtures and widely used and will be for a long time yet. Far from your dismissal of them.
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