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A few more minor typos from my read-through:

  • Page 37, Columns 1 & 2, Signature: There seems to be a lot of repetition in the first couple of paragraphs of some variant of the sentence "A vehicle’s base signature is used as a modifier for spotting it, either visually or by electronic means." making this section a little confusing to read.</font>
  • Page 42, column 2, Scope of operations: "...and it there that the Foundation's policies..." should this be "...and it is there that the Foundation's policies..."</font>
  • Page 43, column 1, Scope of operations, paragraph 2: "...since the end of Kafer War..." should this be "...since the end of the Kafer War..."</font>
  • Page 43, column 2, "Rebco located their new organization’s offices to Wellon..." should this be "Rebco located their new organization’s offices on Wellon..." or perhaps "Rebco relocated their new organization’s offices to Wellon..."</font>
  • Page 43, column 2, inconsistent capitalization "RebCo even provides..." should this be "Rebco even provides..."</font>
  • Page 44, column 1, Mission statement: "...focused on convenient foods..." should this be "...focused on convenience foods..."</font>
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